Thou Shall Not Judge

There are three predominantly big lessons that the Universe has been teaching me over the last three years:

  1. Trust in the Universe.
  2. Don’t make impulsive decisions on things that have a long term impact on your life.
  3. Do not judge.  Do not judge anyone.  Do not judge anyone for anything.

The one I struggle with is number three.

Today I took one of my dogs, Blue, that came with our house and that we agreed to adopt, to stay at Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre until they can find a new home for him.  If you told me about someone who had done what I did today 6 months ago, I would have strung together a bunch of judgments about how people should be more responsible with their pets.  I’m not going to explain why I did it, I have no obligation to defend what I have done.  But to put things in context, we are not moving house and three other dogs and a cat remain home with us, and on the surface it may seem that there is no good reason for doing what we have done.

It is not the first time I go through an event in my life where I have previously said I would never do such a thing or that such a thing will never happen to me.  I know judgement is a thing I need to work on, I’m aware of it every single day, but if you could “size” things that I judge, this is one that’s right there in the “you’re going to burn in hell” box (if you believe in that).  What I find interesting about this lesson, is all three lessons are intertwined into one big lesson this time.  It is because of number 2 that I took Blue, without doing my research and without thinking of how it would affect my long term future.  It is because of number 1 that I finally gave in to the decision to take Blue to a rescue centre.

What I have noticed though, is that to be guided by the Universe, you need to let go of your concept of right or wrong.  Sometimes the wrongs are big things that we judge other people for.  So I’m also learning that lesson 1 and 3 are very closely related.  For as long as we judge things, people, ourselves, it cannot move us in the direction where our life flows and we are in the flow.  It is hard not to judge in our current lives, especially with all the things happening in South Africa right now.  Think of the kids burning down universities, our government spending our hard earned tax money on lavishes and luxuries.  I struggle not to judge in these situations.  But the facts are, we haven’t walked in their shoes, we don’t understand why they feel it is ok for them to do what they are doing now.  I’m not saying what they’re doing is right, but there is a fine line between thinking that something is wrong, versus judging someone for doing something you believe is wrong.

You may judge me right now too as being heartless and not caring for animals.  All I say to those that judge is that I understand why you do, but I am not going to let my life’s happiness depend on your judgement.  You don’t walk my path, as much as I don’t walk yours.  I’m happy to take you for a ride on my path, as much as I’m curious to get to know yours and understand yours.  But know that for as long as you judge me, you close yourself off to seeing life through my eyes.  At the end of the ride you may still feel that I was wrong, and that is a reality of life.  Not everyone has the same rights and wrongs.  As a matter of fact, something that seems right in your life at one stage, might feel completely wrong at another stage.  And sometimes, like in this instance for me, we feel that our only choice is to do the wrong thing with the hopes of a better result for all parties in the end, or simply to save ourselves.

In today’s Facebook-everyone-thinks-they-have-a-right-to-tell-you-how-you-should-live-your-life society we have become so much more connected to each other, but at the same time we have become completely disconnected from the essence of each other.  I invite you to join me on this journey where we try as much as we can to withhold our judgments of each other and become more interested in seeing things for what they truly are.  While at the same time acknowledging that some days we’ll falter, and that we will need to forgive each other on those days.  And also acknowledging that we will probably never fully understand what realities are happening in each other’s lives, but with compassion, we can at least accept each other even with differing realities.

In loving memory of my Blue, I am sorry my boy, and I know that the Universe has already found you a home where you will be loved even more than I loved you.



One thought on “Thou Shall Not Judge

  1. Hi Maria, you are never judged by animal lovers, you did the right thing for both you and Blue…you love him as much as you loved Bho…but sometimes we have to make the right decision for both’s sake…Like I had to with Bho…be strong…Blue will be happy and you will miss him like crazy, but it gets better with time…XXX

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