Blogging in 2015 – being an apprentice of The Wheel of Life

A New Year, a new angle on my blog. This year is my year for being an apprentice, of learning, listening, being aware and evolving my life. The best way to learn is to teach others, so this year I will use my blog for exactly that.

In the last two years I have been searching for something spiritual to believe in, something that will give me a feeling of direction, something I can integrate in my life with absolute faith. I went to a course called The Initiation last year November, and finally found a path that resonates with me and that I buy into 100%. The course is presented by John Kehoe, father and founder of Mind Power. Mind Power is the starting point, the further courses he presents, Awakening and Initiation go much deeper. Mind Power is only scraping the bottom of the barrel, or the tip of the iceberg. These two courses go deeper into the content of his book Quantum Warrior.

My intention this year is to not only take his literature and the lessons he taught me and write about them. I have made a commitment to study and actively integrate his teachings into my life. By integrating it into my life and contemplating it every day, doing practices every day I have gained new insights and perspectives on what I learned from John. I want to share my insights together with the fundamentals I have learned. I invite you to try it out, and give me feedback of your experiences. In John’s own words, maybe the daily rituals and practices he teaches and follows are crazy, but maybe there is a slight chance that it works, and it does no harm in doing them.

I believe it works, I have been applying it in my life and despite having gone through a pretty rough 2014, since I have been doing the work I am grounded and creating my own life. I hope you will join me in this journey, it is filled with beauty, joy, fun and magic. I am truly excited about it. I have done many personal growth courses, and the pattern is always the same – you leave on a high, feeling like you can take over the world, but after 2 weeks it is gone. I have felt that excitement every single day of my life since November, and as I start seeing things unfold and goals achieved, I am getting more and more excited every single day. I will do a blog about why we loose this excitement, but in summary it is because we need to do that work every single day of our life to maintain it.

I end off this first post on the first day of 2015 with a tribute and much love to John and Sylvia. They are both inspiring beautiful people and it is an honour for me to carry John’s teachings forward. I pray that I am given the insight to give his teachings justice.

A Ho!


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