Happy 2014!!

Today’s blog is to wish my fellow blog writers and readers, work colleagues, neighbours, friends, family and everyone else a loving, challenging, rich, fulfilling and successful 2014.

I look back at 2013, and it has been an incredible year for me, barring my school days probably the toughest one yet.  I will do another blog on my reflection of 2013, as today’s blog is specifically about the people that have come in, and out of my life over this year.

I have done many courses in 2013, it was definitely a year of learning.  I think of each one of the trainers, some who I shook hands with, some who I have now become friends with, and some who I have not had the honour to meet in person.  I thank each and everyone of you for sharing with me some of your life lessons, some of your knowledge and some of your experiences.  I am a better person today for it, and I will take everything you taught me and make it my own, and add my Maria flavour to it.  To new friends I have made at these courses, thank you for stepping into my life and changing my life in one way or another.  Thank you for supporting me in my journey, and giving me the opportunity to support you.  Thank you for making me feel safe in the times when I was crying myself to death, or raging like a bull, and thank you for loving me when I needed to be loved.  I look forward to our journeys and am curious to see what lies ahead for us.

To friends who have come with me for some time and became better friends, thank you for being a friend.  I often wonder what makes me so special that anyone of you would like to spend time or conversations with me.  I have learned that when i look in your eyes and see the wonder and beauty in you, it is a mirror reflecting the beauty in me.  Thank you for being my mirror, even on the days when it hurts to look into it.  To friends who have come with me for some time and have grown apart a little (or a lot) or where we had no chance to see each other in 2013, you are still in my life for a reason, and I value every person in my life.  Thank you for being a part of it!

To friends who no longer are my friends, it still breaks my heart to know that we no longer connect and that our journeys have taken separate ways.  I thank you for sharing a part of my journey, and I often wish you were still part of my journey, but I understand that everything in life has an end, and I cannot predict whether it be death or a quarrel or just growing apart.  I wish you all the best on your journey and I still hope that one day our paths will cross.  I also acknowledge that on a universal level we are still connected, so effectively it is not truly the end…

For today’s blog there are only two people I will single out – Leon and Cassidy.  

Cassidy – you are still in my heart and although our promises to go for coffee and still talk has not come to fruition, I still dream only the best for you.  I know that I cannot make your journey a safe one, neither can anyone else for that matter.  May your journey be a fulfilling one and I wait another day to see what opportunities lie ahead for you.  Thank you for coming into my life and teaching me so much – I would have not grown 10% of what I had grown in the time with you in our house, if it wasn’t for sharing it with you.

Leon – we have grown closer this year than we had in the previous three years together.  Our time together is beautiful!  Some days I take a step back to watch you walk your road, and I can smile with a tear in my eye.  Other days I wish I could show you the lesson I see, but I know it is not my place to force a lesson onto you.  Thank you for investing in my journey.  Similarly, some days I feel tremendously blessed that I have you as companion on my journey.  Other days I get frustrated by how hard you push me when all I want to do is sit in a heap in a corner and cry forever and hope someone else could take it away.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life, and I look forward to what lies ahead for us.  We are definitely a team to watch out for!

May 2014 be a year where all of you step into the unknown and be curious about what life will bring you!


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