Wow, what a week and a half it has been. Leon and I went to T. Harv Eker’s Guerrilla Business Intensive from last week Friday till Sunday, and then I left straight from there to attend John Kehoe’s awakening. What a ride!

GBI was great, some belief stuff, lots of business stuff, great energy. If left there buzzing with energy, and feeling really alive. And then came the Awakening. I have no words for what I experienced. The best way to share it is by sharing my realisations. A tiny bit of background, the course is based on John’s book Quantum Warrior. Some of the concepts and ideas that he teaches may seem a bit far out and crazy, but I’m willing to give it a bash, for two reasons. Firstly, I have never felt this spiritually connected in my life, ever. Right now it feels as though I am looking down on all the galaxies and universes and seeing how much opportunities there is lying ahead, not only for myself and Leon, but for humanity. So be forewarned, today’s post might seem way out there, and I know not everyone will agree with some of the things I share.

The first big realisation for me was the connection between mind and creativity. I have been urged to have fun a lot in the past couple of months, but I have never understood that it is for more than just letting my hair down. John teaches that our lives consist of four quadrants – the intellectual, the doer and thinker, the artist and the mystic. To achieve true greatness and power we need to integrate all 4 and give attention to all 4. I play very much in the mind and the thinker/doer space, as a matter of fact most of our Western culture does. Whenever people tells me to have fun, I shrug it off as unimportant, I should rather use that time building my future business or stimulating my intellect by learning more. What I realised this week, is that the mind operates from the knowing side of our world. There is a LOT out there that we don’t know that could sling shot us forward, but our mind does not have the capacity to find out what it doesn’t know. The artist and the mystic however loves playing in the unknown, and this is why we need fun, this is why we need meditation or prayer or rituals or ceremonies. As soon as the mind gets stuck we should move into our artist, be creative, and we never know what will arise. A great tool John teaches is that we can give the mind enough intellectual information for it to step aside and feel safe. The fact is that our mind doesn’t trust our artist, but if we can make the mind feel safe, it will allow us to give the artist some space. As an example, we had a ceremony praying for ourselves, for others, for the world, asking the ancestors to hear our prayers. My mind jumped in very quickly to say that there is no way that ancestors are present or helping us. I comforted it by saying that it will be a good detox and cleansing exercise, and if there are no ancestors at least I would feel refreshed. My mind then settled to let my mystic dabble in the unknown, and I connected to whatever energy was out there, but Someone was listening and hearing my prayers. So I’m taking up dancing, paying lots more attention to my music collection, doing lots more ceremonies!

Again, I realised that my flop is still standing in my way. We did an exercise of breathing, and at some point I had a strong urge to ask for support. So first I spent I don’t know how much time wondering if I am allowed to ask and worrying what people may think, and then once I convinced myself that it doesn’t matter, it took another I don’t know how much time to muster the courage up to ask. But once I asked, everything I was struggling with was sorted, instantly. We stand in our way so much that we really never show ourselves a sparkle of who we are, never mind the rest of the world! I have done a lot of awakening’s this year, and still I’m allowing it to happen, even now after being aware. I am a fighter and apparently my old beliefs are really fighting its case, which is probably why I’ve had to have it highlighted numerous times this year. So I’m dancing, everywhere and as much as possible, and even if I do care what people think, I’m doing it anyway.

A really awesome rule at awakening was no past, no future. No one knew what job you do, what your background is, who your family is, what your baggage is, nothing. The first day or so was hard because it felt like we had nothing to talk about, but then you start talking about what you are experiencing at the course, laughing at all the silly stuff we did and how much fun it was. We had someone setting them self alight, man that was funny. On some days we were crying from laughter. On the last day we lay our past on the table, and I realised that we would have all probably seen people a lot different if we knew. We had a medical doctor who is also a hopeless romantic. We had a property investor who was also the clown and entertainer. It was such an amazing experience to get to know people for who they really are, and not what they do. The conversations were also amazing, some mystical, some creative, some intellectual, all stimulating.

My voice, singing. I instantly connected with Steve, one of the trainers who taught us about sound and energy related to sound. We did something almost like chanting, and the energy shifts were incredible. It took me about 8 hours to realise the energy shift and then I was in tears for half of the day, probably mourning the fact that I stopped using a talent I have been given, singing. I now realise that there is one more lesson Cassidy brought back into my life, she planted the singing seed when she was in our home, I became a bit less self-conscious of my voice. And when Steve introduced sound and how it affects energy, it hit me right between the eyes. At one point in my tearful state I sat and listened to Adelle, singing and humming at the top of my voice. There wasn’t an immediate relief and I reckoned if nothing else I got some time to listen to some good music, but within 20 minutes my emotions settled and I felt a lot more grounded.

We all know the saying, it is about the journey, not the destination. But John’s hilarious illustration of it was and eye opener. We sat in a circle during his teaching, and he stood at one end of the circle and targeting a person on the opposite end of the circle as his goal. The first time he illustrated how he focuses on his goal but then when he gets pushed off course he trips over people and sits on top of them. The second round he had his goal in sight, but when he blows off course he actually interacts with the person he previously tripped over and notices their clothes, their hair and actually “enjoys the scenery”. He also teaches that we should be generous with life, allow the off track times to be there, it happens. No matter how good our manifestations are, there are many more other people’s thoughts floating around and sometimes you may just be at the wrong place in the wrong time. Enjoy that too! Don’t focus on enjoying life, focusing on having many small joyfull moments in life.

This is where I’m going to go a bit into the not so always believable part. Three mystic things came up for me. Firstly, I am a very old soul. It not only came up for me in the breathing exercise, but El actually said the same thing the last day of the workshop. Up to this week I wasn’t so sure if I believe in our soul being carried through life times to learn its lessons, but now I do believe. I have mounds of wisdom in me from lots of experience with seeing where people’s beliefs serve them and don’t serve them. I have been wondering if I would ever be able to help people specifically in the emotional and belief arena of themselves, I now know with confidence that I can, I am an old soul, with lots of experience, and compassion. This is probably also why I connect so deeply with people, and get tears in my eyes when I see other people grow. I also met my spirit guide, an Indian Chief who’s name I am yet to learn, and I am blessed to have Mother Teresa as my librarian, the person who will give me all the answers I seek. This is where my spirit connected, and I am looking forward to see where it goes!

Lastly, for this blog in any case, I learned that we need to consolidate more. Leon and I have gone through many workshops this year, and right now I feel like I’m all over the show. We need to spend some time to consolidate and put it all together, to work out what we will use and how we can apply what we learned. Consolidation is necessary for any new insights or realisations we have in life. Instead of just acknowledging that insights come up, we must put energy into them. Journal, blog, plan how you can implement small daily things in your life to get things moving, talk about it. I found what I thought a good analogy. At work, when we come up with something new to be implemented, there are meetings setup to discuss them at length, we do proof of concepts, we draw up requirements and costings until the idea comes into fruition. We should do the same with what we learn, realise, feel and see. Just because it is something seemingly insignificent like a walking meditation, we don’t spend energy on it. But maybe, just maybe if we put the same amount of energy into these “insignificant” and intangible things, something fabulous and unexpected may come to fruition.

For the first time in my life I understand the point of creativity and having fun, and I’m looking forward to taking it up! For the first time in a very long time, I also feel that there are forces out there in the cosmic and universe that want to see me succeed as badly as I want for myself, and we just need to ask and they will support us. Join me if you dare!


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