How do we all end up needing healing?

I assisted full time at Harlequin this week. Besides the fact that I am very glad I could serve the participants the way I did, and that they served me just as much, it was great to experience the processes through other people’s journey. I think while you are in the hot seat you experience a lot of big shifts based on where you are at in that point of your life. I learned a lot of little things again that struck home differently since my Harlequin. What stood out for me is that everyone who goes through this process comes out a different person. I find it fascinating that everyone in life needs healing, EVERYONE. It is not that only a certain percent of people come out more aware of their hidden selves and the hurt that needs to be healed, it is everyone.

My question is how is it then that we all end up in a place where we need a shove off the cliff to get a wake up call? Why can we not catch these things earlier and mend them from the start? We are naturally aware the day we are born, and then somewhere along the road we loose it. Wouldn’t we be a better species if awareness was like eyesight, you are given it and the only way to switch it off is through closing our eyes. I know some people are born blind or loose their eyesight through unfortunate events, I am not discarding this, I am rather using eyesight as an illustration. I know this is something that Leon has been passionate about for quite some time, and this is part of his passion, to teach parents how to work with their children and create this awareness for them.

I guess if I take eyesight further as an illustration, just because we can see doesn’t mean we can read. Just because we are born with awareness it doesn’t mean we know how to use it. How much work will it take to get this kind of teaching into our schools. Why must we all first be hurt and shattered to then wake up and break down a lot of useless beliefs on the road of recovery? One thing that comes up for me is that maybe this is how life is intended to be, but I don’t buy into this. Even after having been completely off track for a number of years, it will take me more than a life time to know who I truly am. Imagine if we were equipped with these tools from day 0 and knew how to use them? I doubt that it means we will learn who we are even then, but dammit I’m sure we would get a lot closer!

I watched the participants this week, and we aren’t that different from each other. We all struggle with the same things, it just shows up in different forms. Some people have to be in a physical abusive relationship, some emotional, some people just beat themselves up, but our lesson is the same – step into your power and stand up for who you are. We don’t serve anyone by being only a small piece of ourselves, so why can’t we just be the whole of ourselves and share our experiences with each other from day 1?

Imagine how interesting a conversation would be if we could debate with each other what is the best way to manifest our next airplane, with a parachute or without, rather than having to debate whether it will be cheaper to fly by Kulula or Mango and complain about the lack of good service. Imagine if we could have conversations with our partners about how us getting angry at them gave us such an awesome new insight to ourselves, rather than reacting in anger and creating a storm that serves us no purpose at all.


2 thoughts on “How do we all end up needing healing?

  1. Maria

    It absolutely amazes me how you sometimes just hit the nail on the head. WELL DONE. Well Done for being aware of awareness. That is the first step.

    Okker Botes

    I’m pasting a Link on my FB

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