My Tattoo: Passionately Curious


I got a tattoo this week, my first one. I never understood how tattoos could be addictive, but now I get it. Whether it is addictive to other people for the same reason as it could be for me I don’t know, but that doesn’t really matter.

The words Passionately Curious comes from a quote of Einstein: “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”. When I read it the first time it completely grabbed me. People say I am very smart, I don’t believe I am. I know that I can find the answers to things and solve problems, but not because I’m smart. It is because I am resourceful. I know where to find answers, I know how to break things into smaller pieces and solve each little piece a bit at a time. I know that there is always a solution, even when we don’t see it. I also know that when we don’t see the solution, it is usually staring us square in the face. But when I read the quote, I realised that I can apply this view of how I solve problems, to my life. If I can look at events in my life and be curious about how I got to that event and be curious at what results it created, I can be a powerful creator of my life. That is what made me decide that I want it as a tattoo.

After more than a year, I finally got it. A bit off topic but as a side comment – I often complain about how I have never won a cycle race, but this tattoo I did win in a cycle race. Not the main stream races you would see on TV, but a JoziHustle, a race in Braamfontein in the dark 19:30 at night. It then occurred to me that I would much rather win a race organised by Hunter Cycling, firstly because the prizes are way cooler, plus I love this crowd a lot more! So all my hard work is paying off on something. Back on track to my tattoo…

I love this tattoo a lot more than I ever thought I would. Even more than that, from the minute it was inscribed on my wrist, I had an absolutely overwhelming feeling that a new chapter in my life has started. And I still believe it has. The thing about my mantra is that I had the intention to approach my life this way, but in the heat of the moment I would always forget. Now it is inked onto a very visible place on my body, and it has become an automatic affirmation. I have one of my 5 day killer headaches that started yesterday, and this morning it had me grounded in bed. We woke up, made breakfast, and all the time I was hating life and thinking gloom thoughts about my head. In all this time my wrist was covered under a shirt. The moment I undressed to get in the shower and saw my mantra, it changed my thinking. How can I learn what my body is trying to tell me…or maybe it isn’t my body, but something deeper… Yesterday I did a cycle race – and due to lack of training I knew it will be hard and my results may not be great. But I was passionately curious to see how I was going to approach it. The outcome, despite hectic wind and not being able to keep up with the front bunch, I had an awesome ride. Did I do a time close to the winning lady, not even remotely, but I loved the ride, and this is why I ride!

What I am finding is that my whole mindset to life is getting a spring clean. Do I get it right all the time? No. But I am very much aware of when I’m not getting it right and that I have the power to change it. I mentioned it to John, who pointed out to me that I have connected my psyche, my soul to my physical. Something hidden deep inside me is starting to awaken.

The biggest awakening for me was when I spoke to Gregg at soup kitchen, one of the volunteers. He told me about the movie “What the Bleep do we Know”, and a piece of the movie where they wrote words on bottles distilled water and how it impacts the molecules in the water. For the words I love you and thank you it makes beautiful snow flake like patterns, but for I hate you it wildly vibrates and actually turns green. He did an experiment once at school where he wrote words on his friends’ bodies, and they spoke about how they experienced it. I found it extremely profound, and we got the documentary today to see what he was talking about. The just of the experiment was that if words can affect water this much, imagine how much our self-talk affects us, considering we’re made up of mostly water. As a matter of fact I had tears streaming down my face because I know what I was thinking about my own body this morning again. If words are this powerful, my body doesn’t stand a chance, unless I change my thinking.

How is my tattoo a new chapter in my life? I AM now passionately curious. And it seems like everything I am doing is starting to become clear as to how it is all intertwined and where it can take me if I allow myself to listen to the Universe and allow myself to be…to also be curious…passionately… And this is why I can see tattoos being addictive!


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