Observing Healthy Debate

Something I battle with is debating. It doesn’t even have to be something close to my heart, it could just be debates about something happening in the news. I very easily feel as though I am being attacked for what I believe or think. And my response to that is to back down.

With Cassidy around, it is interesting to watch how she and Leon interacts when they start debating a topic. In my perspective both of them are raising their voices at each other and taking each other head on. In my mind this is the start of a fight where someone must end up being wrong. Initially I wanted to stand up for Cass because I was worried Leon may hurt her feelings. But living to my new motto, curiosity, I backed off to observe. Not once did she back down. Not once did she look offended. And she doesn’t buy into everything Leon says, but she does take snippets from him and make it her own. And they can go at it for quite a while, voices raised, but no fight.

The main emotion that usually comes up in me during debates is anger. I know that anger usually masks a lot of other underlying emotions, though. So that is not the true fear for me, there is something else. I hope that being able to watch how Cass and Leon can debate without it turning into a fight, I can open myself up for more debates and feel past the anger to understand what lies underneath.


2 thoughts on “Observing Healthy Debate

  1. I think anger in a debate can also conclude in not realising the other individuals opinion or what they would like to get across. Anger might be because of an underlying component, but, anger also lead to not thinking clearly about the debate and decisions are made of anger.

    1. Very good point, and I completely agree. I try not make decisions when I’m angry. I find it is easy to do at the office, but at home it takes more effort. Makes me think! 🙂

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