Valentines Commercialisation

A number of people responded with a sigh on their face when I asked the dreaded ‘what are you doing for Valentines day’ question. In more or less his words, a friend stated that because some person one day woke up and decided today should be used to celebrate our love for our partners, now we have to spend huge amounts of money to show our love for our partners. My question in response to this is – whose fault is this? Nobody is holding a gun to our heads saying we must spend thousands of rands. As a matter of fact, nobody has made a rule saying you should even spend one cent.

If you decide to splurge on a fancy dinner for your partner, you are the one who tells the owner – hey, I am willing to spend lots of money to show my partner I love him/her. Cause and effect – next year the owner is going to organise pre-set meals at a bit of a premium with some live music, because you showed interest in spending that money. Think twice before you complain about the commercialisation of v-day. For as long as you spend the money, it will be commercial.

I love valentines day. Everyone always says that we should love each other equally on all days, not just valentines day. I absolutely agree. But life happens and some mornings you rush out the door and forget to give your partner a kiss and hug goodbye. Or you come home from a bad day at work and instead of showing love and appreciation you are lost in thought, in extreme cases you may even bark at your partner unintentionally. So yes, we do love our partners equally on all the other days, but we don’t always show it.

In my view, some person woke up one morning thinking – let’s make today a day specially for couples to remember how much they love each other, and celebrate this love. I didn’t see one advert for v-day. Yes I walked in the mall this weekend and saw the red balloons and hearts everywhere, I saw the queue of men waiting to buy flowers at our local flower shop today, but not once did I see it as commercial. Leon and I don’t really splash out on v-day, but we still celebrate our love. A romantic home cooked dinner in our garden, letters to each other telling us how much we appreciate each other, a small chocolate, an extra kiss or two – not lots of money, but it means the world to me.

Keep v-day going, I love remembering how much I love my Leon!


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