Short Post: How do you use traffic time?

I commute by motorbike, so even in heavy traffic I don’t spend more than half an hour in it. But the past week I had to commute by car twice. People complain about traffic, as a matter of fact it can become a half hour topic of conversation. On the two days I was in traffic, both days about and hour and fifteen minutes for about 20km, I spent the time becoming aware of my energy centres, sensations in my body, my thoughts. I found that I could really become aware of me in this time.

On the bike I am very aware of me, but with a very sharp focus on my safety and people’s ignorance. So there isn’t really time to get down into inner thoughts and feelings. Now I’m not saying I’ll swap my bike to spend this time in the car, I would rather get in touch with me in my garden. But it was such a refreshing experience for me! If you are going to have to spend this time in traffic anyway, spend it doing something worthwhile!

How can you better use that time?


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