Short Blog: How do we Value our lives?

I decided Friday’s will be short blog days, so here’s the first one.

On route to work today a person jumped a red robot and almost got taken out by two cars. Is the two seconds saved really worth loosing a life? It got me wondering about how much we truly value our lives. We rush from home to work, from work to gym, rush back home for dinner and then waste our time in front of the TV. We take life risking chances to be at places quicker and faster, but at what cost? Stress, accidents, disregard for our own and fellow neighbor’s safety? Are we really respecting our lives as we expect others to respect ours? Leon and I have gotten into a routine where we talk more, read more, and in our friendship group we all spend many hours training our bodies. There are still lots of areas where we could probably do more, but we are at least starting. I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on our daily rituals.

I’ll close off with an example of something I do because I respect myself by doing things others would frown upon. Last night we were racing in the dark through central Johannesburg on bicycles, lungs busting, legs aching, and taking lots of risks, all in the name of fun and camaraderie with like minded people – JoziHustle (google it)! That is what makes me feel alive!


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