2013 – what lies ahead

I ended 2012 starting a journey to get in touch with my emotions, thanx to the gentle nudge John, and thank you to my ever supporting husband, Leon. A thank you goes out to Debra as well who is helping me find my blockages and clearing them on this journey. It is a journey that is still in its infancy, but it has already become habit for me to look inside myself and just stop to try and feel. I have to admit that I find it extremely hard, I have locked these things away so deeply I battle to find them. There are probably only a handful emotions I can tell you I recognise and experience to date, and I am very aware that there are 100s that I probably feel but have no idea that they are there.

One of my goals is to blog more often and share my experiences. The reason is selfish, I am hoping to get input from readers that will help and guide me in this journey. But if I am able to help someone on their journey one day by writing, that will also be awesome. I aim to write once a week and share my experiences for the week, and any lessons or insights I have gained along the way.


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