Hello world!

A work colleague who I have a lot of respect for, also known as Murtle (like turtle) has started blogging and it got me thinking on what I would share with the world. I’m not one for conforming or following trends, but when something gets me thinking this much I see it as a good idea – so thank you Murtle!

I have had a blog before when I was much younger and was still trying to find my identity, and at the time I blogged for the sake of blogging. I don’t necessarily think I know my identity now, but I have a much clearer idea of who/what I DON’T want to be. This time round though I’d like to have a purpose for blogging. I change my mind often, and change the rules as they suit me, so don’t bargain on this staying the same forever, and don’t take me on for changing the rules either…

So in short: my purpose and vision for this blog-
To write about events in my life that get me thinking and that provoke uneasiness/uncertainty within me.

If I played the why game to get to a final why:
I am lazy when it comes to thinking in my head, so thinking in writing might be a start to thinking more. There are more layers underneath this answer, but for now this is the best reason.

I do also tend to speak before I think, so in aim of staying out of too much trouble I will keep identities as safe as possible and all blogs are MY PERCEPTION of the world, not necessarily facts or truths!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Awesome! I think you have a lot of valuable stuff to share with the world. Enjoy it, it is an amazing space to share and rationalise thoughts. Happy blogging.

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